Friday, July 1, 2011

SOY ARTISTA summer youth workshops

Photography • Stencil Making
Teatro & Poetry • Linocut
Screen-Printing • Indie Publishing

6 Workshops designed for you empowerment through art.

S.O.Y. Artista Program (Summer of Youth Artist Program) is a six-week summer free of charge art-training workshop for local youths ages 14 to 18. S.O.Y. Artista serves high school students with a critical need for summer programming while providing positive and alternative models for creativity in an environment that is nurturing and reflective of their lives and culture. 

Free of charge (ages 14 - 18) | No prior experience needed | All materials provided

1.Photography:  Rudy Rude
July 13 to 15 (11am to 2pm)

2.Stencil Making: Andi Xoch (Ovarian Psychos)
July 20 to 22 (11am to 2pm)

3.Teatro & Poetry: Marisol Torres (Las Ramonas)
July 27 to 29 (11am to 2pm)

4.Linocut:  Miyo Hernandez
August 3 to 5 (11am to 2pm)

5.Screenprinting: Reggie Coleman (DAN/CAP)
August 10 to 12 (11am to 2pm)

6.Indie Publishing: Felicia Montes (Mujeres de Maiz)
August 17 to 19 (11am to 2pm)

The SOY Artista workshop series will provide complimentary art mediums that once completed, each student can walk away with the knowledge and skills to create 5 unique artworks packaged into a one of a kind package (zine, CD, chapbook). This is intended to empower youth with various forms of communicating their messages in a way that is easily reproduced and distributed.

For more info please contact:
Joel Garcia

Self Help Graphics & Art's Summer of Youth (S.O.Y.) Artista Program is sponsored in part by Bank of America Foundation, California Community Foundation, California Wellness Foundation, Department of Cultural Affairs City of Los Angeles, The Walt Disney Company, and Union Pacific Foundation.

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